Frequently Asked Questions

There are several factors that determine the suitable hearing aid for you, including your hearing deficiency, your lifestyle, and the size and shape of your ear. Hence, its best to consult an expert to find the most suitable device for your ears. To know more, please refer to the types of hearing aids section of our website, here:

Two-ear hearing (called "binaural") is better than one. If you have hearing loss in only one ear, you may be fine with one hearing aid. Age and noise-related hearing loss tend to affect both ears, but your hearing profile for each ear is probably different. If there is a loss in both ears, you will probably benefit more with a binaural solution.

Hearing aid technology has developed leaps and bounds in recent years, and patients can now freely wear a hearing aid which is almost invisible, extremely comfortable, rechargeable, and customisable for different frequencies. Also, not being able to hear clearly is a disability which is extremely dangerous, as well as frustrating for patients and patients’ families & friends.

Hearing aids help you improve your hearing by amplifying the sounds reaching your ear. However, they can not stop your hearing from deteriorating further, but you can tune your hearing aid for different degrees of deficiency and hence will not require a new device for a long time.

Hearing test generally lasts for nearly 30 minutes, and can be performed in a quiet environment, even at the patient’s home.

Hearing aids start a nominal price point of around Rs 8,000 and can go up to Rs 6,50,000. We offer a warranty of 2 years on all our devices, but our patients generally end up using their devices for 5-6 years without any complaints