Hearing Aids available for INR2,999 at Amazon!

So why would I even consider the Hearing Aids from HearClear?

We get this question a lot, so We thought of settling the debate! What you get for 2,999 from Amazon is not exactly a digital hearing aid, but an amplifier. A digital Hearing Aid is a high-tech medical device which customises the sound experience as per the user's hearing loss.

Over the counter (OTC) hearing aids are a cheaper alternative, but they come with a factory setting and usually provide little amplification which is suitable only for people with a perceived mild to moderate hearing loss. Buying an OTC without determining the hearing levels will not provide any benefit and mislead a person into believing that hearing aids do not work at all! The sound quality of these OTC aids is poor when compared to digital hearing aids. OTC hearing aids completely skips visiting the audiologist for assessment of hearing loss and thus mostly results in missing out the underlying cause of the hearing loss such as middle ear infections, restricted mobility of ear ossicles, pseudo tumors etc.

Another category of devices known as Personal sound amplification devices (PSAPs) are electronic sound amplifiers sold over the counter which can be used to listen to soft sounds difficult to hear for a normal hearing individual. Some people with hearing loss might want to buy such easy on the pocket devices hoping these will facilitate easier communication in noisy situations such as restaurants, public gatherings but these should not be mistaken as hearing aids as they amplify all types of sounds irrespective of it being speech or background noise equally. Moreover, these are not intended to treat hearing loss and thus are not medical devices.

Hearing loss is invisible but impairs the life of an individual significantly! Untreated hearing loss has been linked to isolation, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem and dementia. The treatment of hearing loss entails visiting an audiologist (hearing care professional) who performs comprehensive audiological assessment and prescribes a hearing aid which will benefit you. These digital hearing aids provide selective amplification according to the hearing loss at different frequencies and thus are comfortable to wear and have the best sound quality. The Audiologist should ideally give you a trial with the hearing aid to understand the kind of difference that the device is making. One digital hearing aid might not be suitable for all kinds of hearing loss and hence trying the device is crucial before investing in a hearing machine.

Hearing loss increases gradually with time. So, another advantage of purchasing digital hearing aids after consulting an audiologist is that the amplification provided by hearing aids can be altered based on the hearing loss levels. Also, these devices have a higher user satisfaction due to the sophisticated technology by which it processes the speech and the background noise. Individuals with hearing loss also face difficulty in listening to phone calls and television. Digital hearing aid also have additional features such as Bluetooth connectivity which enables you to stream audio and phone calls directly in your hearing aids. These devices can also be paired to your television. Buying an OTC hearing aid might feel convenient and easy on the pocket as it skips the hassle of visiting an audiologist altogether but it is crucial to understand that managing hearing loss is a dynamic process and just doesn’t end with purchasing a device as hearing loss is progressive in nature. Regular hearing tests and fine tuning of hearing aids is important so as to get the maximum benefit from hearing aids.

Hearing loss has a significant impact on the quality of life as it hampers communication with your loved ones. This lack of communication has a compounding impact on the person's mental health and leads to Anxiety, Isolation, depression and hence Dementia. Thus, Selecting the right hearing aid is important to ensure communication isn’t hindered. Hearing aids that have a good sound quality are comfortable to wear and thus consequently lead to a better quality of life. In conclusion, one size does not fit all!

So, if any of your loved ones is suspecting hearing loss. Please make sure they Consult an audiologist for their hearing issues!